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Aishwarya writes about humanity in its rawest form. No matter the culture, there will always be “beggars” and divided hearts on what to do. I love the honesty and passion in her writing.



I stood at the juice shop. I ordered some mango juice for myself. I was looking forward to the rich cool pulp skidding down my throat like it was some huge water slide in an amusement park. Some vivid imagination, eh? I waited. The shopkeeper was still finishing up his morning prayers (it’s a common sight in India…they start their day and their business with prayers) so I was aware of my wait. I sat down. Someone I knew from work stood next to me. He’s German, I think. I have seen him around but I haven’t known him. I smiled. He didn’t smile back.

“That’s rude!” – I thought to myself.

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Reblog – Why My Wife is My Angel

When living with chronic/invisible illness, having a loving, caring spouse is a huge gift. I am thankful for my hubby every day. Read this ode by Danny at Dream Big for his angel, Evelina.


Dream Big, Dream Often


As most of you know I live each day of my life with multiple sclerosis.  My type of MS is secondary progressive which means that I have symptoms present daily with no remittance.  I take it in stride understanding that there are many people worse off than I, therefore, I focus to stay thankful.  With that said, the daily effort required to deal with this disease is great and the attention and love my wife shows me is even greater.

In my post My Life Living With MS, I talked about the fact that Evelina is my angel, my support and my strength.  I am not sure what I have done in life to have her at my side, but I am greatly appreciative!!

Each day my wife assists me with a few simple tasks with which I struggle, tends to my medications and vitamins, prepares meals and reminds…

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