Reblog – The Next “Leg” of My Journey

I was recently down about the fact that I need to use my walker to go to the dog park now because of a recent fall. I realized, however, that I needed to park my pride at the door.

Sam gives us a great reality check on what others go through with pain and mobility issues. I hope she is able to go far with her “new legs/wheels”. Her story is definitely worth a read.


My Medical Musings

It’s nearly 3 years since my left femur snapped in two. Those first two years I can barely remember. It’s a blur of surgery after surgery, hospital stay after hospital stay, recovery after recovery. Actually recovery is probably the wrong word because I haven’t recovered. My left femur is still broken. It’s officially diagnosed as non-union.

A pole holds it together but the two pieces of bone, being compressed together by an interlocking screw at the base of the long rod, rub constantly and cause unrelenting pain.

My right leg has a femur stress fracture and that too is being supported by an internal rod & not healing. That too has aching pain on a daily basis despite a regime of strong pain killers.

My feet also have multiple constant non healing fractures, although amazingly these only really hurt occasionally.  It may be the other pain is just greater.


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Reblog – When you are in a good mood and in pain

I can so relate to everything Nikki says here. Just because you are in a ton of pain and/or fatigued, it is still possible to get some enjoyment out of life.


Brainless Blogger

I may be chronically ill but I am also me. And me_ Well I am not afraid to be goofy or weird.So be you!

Sometimes you are in pain and you are in a very good mood. And isn’t a contradiction. It is life with chronic pain. I have a migraine today and it isn’t a pleasant one but I am in a good mood for no particular reason. I have also rested, used ice, migraine balm and a few other things to maintain this level of pain. And I am currently writing this post listening to ABBA gently in the background, because it is in my Groovy playlist. And I am in a Groovy mood. Gently, because I am rather sound sensitive. And unfortunately head bobbing is something I cannot do. So sort of sucks that migraines are ‘difficult’ when you are in a good mood such as they limit you substantially. All the fun I could be having and certainly cannot. Not with this one.  But chilling to some good tunes will…

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