Chronic Compromises – When “No” Is A Positive Thing

Chronic illness of any kind comes with it's own set of "rules" in relation to any kind of social activity. This week I learned that  a long awaited "yes" became a very sensible "no". In 2011 (I think) I was accepted into a chronic pain self-management group and I can honestly say that it changed …


Reblog – My Friend Biasini

Anyone that knows me knows that my lovely mutt Violet is my friend and support. I have referred to her as my unofficial support dog because even though she suffers from pain and arthritis, she is always there to comfort me no matter what. This story of the bond between Anne and her horse Biasini reminds me of Violet.



You and your horse. His strength and beauty. Your knowledge and patience and determination and understanding and love. That’s what fuses the two of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you wonder, “What can heaven offer any better then what I have here on earth?”.         Monica Dickens

I am sure it will not surprise anyone  who knows me that my horse, Biasini, is the “friend” I have chosen for this week’s Word Press Photo Challenge: Friend.

Any rider can tell you that some horses , when frightened, will see it as imperative to dump the rider. The rider is perceived as an impediment to their survival and so they must be jettisoned.  But other horses, when spooking to flee a perceived danger, will take the rider with them. It is as if they say:” Hang on, we’ve  got to get our of here.”

Biasini is…

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