Mental Illness – A Blessing Or A Curse?

I had a visit yesterday with my dear friend Dee. Since we moved away I haven't seen her often. That being said, we have the kind of friendship that transcends face to face visits, phone conversations or even email contact. We know that the other is thinking of us and we are always there for …


The Season of Advent – Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Sam gives us a wonderful reminder of advent and what Christmas is really about, whether you have a chronic illness or not!


My Medical Musings

In the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas I love the Advent season. This is the season the Christian church celebrate in the lead up to Christmas. It’s the start of the Church year and Advent Sunday marks the four Sunday’s before Christmas Day.

It’s a season of reflection and expectation. Advent is latin for Coming. Christmas celebrates the coming of Jesus as a new born baby in the most miraculous circumstances. A baby was to be born who was the Son of God and who brought the hope of salvation and everlasting life to a dark and cruel world.

On each of the four Sundays of Advent a candle on the advent wreath is lit. The first candle symbolises Hope. 💗


On the second Sunday of Advent Christians around the world continue to prepare for the joy ahead of celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. On…

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Mental Illness – An Affliction Or Opportunity?

A year ago I attended what would have been my grad reunion had I not gone to a private school for Grade 12. I went at the invitation of my BFF and found that almost everyone remembered me and many didn't even realize I graduated somewhere else! This was very healing emotionally. When I explained …