Reblog – How Disney World switched to Original Sprout products that reduced Migraine triggers and headaches

Disney World took a bold and respectable step in making their park more friendly for people with scent allergies and product sensitivities! I may just have to try Original Sprout!



My Migraine Life

original sprout *This post contains affiliate links. My referrals are my own opinion. I only recommend things I truly love and use for myself and family. I was given products as a review. See disclaimer for more
Recently, I went to Disney World with my family. I love Disney World! My family, the adventures, the magic and the fun. It all was a dream come true.

After my last experience at the boutique that turns my daughter into a princess, I feared the hair spray smell. The last time we went, the lights were really bright. Beyond the lights was the smell. Oooooooooh the smell. I had started my day with a migraine. Standing in air that was saturated with strong hair spray made me really sick!

This time, I was prepared. I had my Axon Opticsin my purse and wore a scarf that I sprayed with my favorite essential oil…

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Reblog – O like OMG… A to Z Challenge

My dear friend Cyranny, Denmarks greatest fan, finally got the recognition she so deserves!


Cyranny's cove


OMG indeed!

I hope you Lovelies are sitting down, because this is big! No, I’m just exagerating again, you’ll smile at best, but this morning, as I woke up, something exciting awaited me…

Really exciting! For me…

Denmark likes me! Well, not me, per say, but Denmark liked something I said on the Internets! For real. No jokes. You people know I never kid about Denmark!

Remember four days ago when I published the post about this guy who wrote to Denmark to ask to borrow Greenland?  You can catch up here. Well, of course I commented back to the friend who had tagged me on Facebook.

The exact message I wrote to her said

I am so jealous!! How come I didn’t get the idea to write directly to Denmark?? LOL This is very funny, and if it is true (I am very cautious about stories on The…

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Reblog – Suicidal prevention awareness month thoughts and review of 13 Reasons Why

This is such a great take on a difficult subject. I have always liked and respected Bethany as a person and fellow blogger. She tells it like it is and in the world of suicide and all of its causes that can be rare.


NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse

Obvious trigger warnings*

I was awake all night due to ongoing symptoms of the grand mal seizure and its after affects. I watched all 13 episodes of 13 Reasons Why. My daughter told me it was not anything like the book. I have read reviews that said the series “glamorized” suicide and that it was far too triggering to watch. I have read reviews that it was targeted to teens who were vulnerable to suicide and many boycottted the series all together because they felt the show took the scenes of rape and suicide too far.

I find it interesting that individuals will watch horror movies like Saw where people torture each other, or zombie movies where the gore is profound, but watching a rape scene is off limits. It seems ok to watch the Law and Order Special victims unit on tv but not a series whose intent seemed…

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