Blogmas 2016 – A favourite Carol

Day 22

I can’t remember which grade it was but the first time I heard “O Holy Night” it was sung by a friend who had an absolutely gorgeous voice. I believe her Mom had just died a few days before but she wanted to sing anyway in honor of her mother.

Everyone, including me, shed tears – of joy for the beautiful performance, of sorrow for her loss and of longing for peace to this family.

“O Holy Night” became my favorite Christmas hymn from then on. And every time I hear it, I cry no matter who is singing it. The daughter of friends did a beautiful job one, Christmas Eve. A friend at university in Regina played guitar and sang it for me just before I left for the airport to come home for Christmas because he knew how much I loved it.

To me, the song resonates the true meaning of Christmas – A Holy night when the Christ child was born. The lyrics contain such power and beauty that they draw you into the story. I had included the lyrics and a video (complete with references); however, it looks like my post wouldn’t go public so I have removed all of that content.

I hope you have the chance over the holidays to not only hear this song but feel it, live it.


PS I am trying another video link



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