Reblog – Mindful Mondays: How to Show Compassion to a Body in Pain

I can relate to all of the denial and pressures that Kelly put on herself. Her story is one worth reading.


The Invisible Warrior

Mindful Mondays: How to have self compassion when you are in pain How do you show compassion to your body when you are in pain?

Mindful Mondays: How to Show Compassion to a Body  in Pain.

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you have noticed that I talk a great deal about how proud I am of my body. I am often times engulfed in pain and zapping nerve pain that makes it hard to carry through with normal physical activities. Every day I am astonished of how my body makes it through the day. But this hasn’t always been my attitude

Going from a very active lifestyle to being excited to rise up on my tippy toes for 1 second is  a psychological nightmare.  In my head, I am still an independent physically strong girl.  I am still the girl who believes she can breeze through a 5K and often times bite off more than I can realistically handle.

And then…

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