Project Organize – “It’s On My List”

I am sure I have mentioned my obsession with lists once or twice. I have been known to even make a list of the lists I need for major projects like a trip or a move. So, it is only fitting that I make lists of what needs to be organized in my life this year.

Here is my list of lists so far, in no particular order…though my OCD may end up changing that before I post this! Remember, this will be over the next 11 months so I am not taking on a lot at once.

  • Declutter the house
  • All outstanding work projects
  • Declutter and rearrange the kitchen
  • Work on diet and exercise goals
  • All de-stressors and their effectiveness
  • Stuff to keep, give away, throw out
  • Inventory and marketing for spice business
  • My blog
  • Personal and household budgeting

So, there it is – and that is just the list of the topics I want to work on (I am sure there are others as well) The next task is to one at a time expand these lists into individual tasks.

Thanks to my pain clinics, I will keep everything in 1/2 hour blocks and will make sure I mix in relaxation and fun. I will keep the “work” to a few blocks a day and if I feel I am ready at any point I can add blocks. I can also take some away or break them down even further if it seems to be too much.

And, as I like to do, let’s finish with a song. Hall and Oates’ song “Kiss On My List” has always been a favourite.



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