Chronic Compromises – Why I Failed At Lent

... or did I? Lent Is a Christian observance during the 40 days before Easter. During this time Christians may do a literal fast (say juice/water and/or bread). There is also the practice of fasting from luxuries or things that distract a person from their faith. This is much like Christ's 40 days of fasting in …

Blogmas 2016 – A Bit of Christmas Every Day (Reblog)

Day 28

What a beautiful way to keep the true meaning of the season alive.

I started to write my Blogmas post today on “When does Christmas end?” when a comment came in on one of my previous posts. As it was a new blogger to me, I checked out her site right away. This post is what I read first. I could never have said it better myself.



It's In The Tale

Yes, another ‘Christmas’ post! Why? You might ask. The day has come and gone.

Not for me. The so-called “Holiday Season” carries on for me through to New year, as calendar days go. I love this time of the year and loathe letting it go. So…

I wish I could bottle the spirit of Christmas in jars. Yes, and open each jar every month for a dose of ‘spirit’!

Actually, I do. I do store a bit of Christmas in my heart. Little pockets of the cheer, the joy, the hope and the love; the promise. Life for me is a celebration of all these things that culminate every year, in Christmas…a date; a day on the calendar, when everyone who believes joins in a common celebration and in gratitude for God’s love towards mankind.


Unless you have carried Christmas in your heart, throughout the year, you’re not going to find…

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