Chronic Compromises – Dealing With Doctors

I am still dealing with my eyes adjusting after the cataract surgeries, seasonal allergies (that for me are year-round), a fibro-flare and the anxiety of trying to figure out how we can financially survive without moving. That is all and above my regular chronic pain issues. It is also not taking into account my battle …


Reblog – Sentenced to Death: When a New Pain is Dismissed Because of Your Chronic Illness

This is such an important read for those with and without chronic illness. I can relate to every word.


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Sentenced to Death:

When a New Pain is Dismissed Because of Your Chronic Illness

By: Cynthia

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I’ve lost count of the number of times a new health issue has been dismissed by medical professionals.  They have blamed my chronic illnesses, weight, depression, and any alternative treatment that wasn’t their idea or prescribed by them.  Today I am going to share a few examples of how the healthcare system has failed me time and again what needs to be done.  Not every new health issue was life threatening, but there was still a death.  In all these examples a portion of my life was murdered because of the time I had to spend seeking answers and help.

  1. Pain and immobility in my right knee.  For eight years doctors blamed my weight and lack of exercise. Final diagnosis? Loose cartilage and bone fragments that were getting caught in the joint.  Surgery was…

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