An Apology about “No Apologies”

I sometimes hate the WordPress interface… well, actually that is not the whole truth. I hate that I do things too automatically and mess up using the interface.

Twice now I have gone to save a draft and have actually published an unfinished post. The first one wasn’t so bad; however, the one today was a real rough work in progress and left in the middle before I could get my point across.

I was listing what I no longer apologize for. And it was in a blunt tone. I was going to finish the list and then turn things around as is my writing style. I got called away, quickly “saved” and went off. It wasn’t until my hubby said he saw I had a new post up that I realized what had happened.

If you were one of the four people who read my post, I apologize. That is not an example of my best work. I will readdress that topic at some time and it will be fully complete by the time I hit publish! 🙂

About LydiaA1614

I am a woman, wife, Christian, mentor, writer, crafter and dreamer. I have had many health challenges in my 50+ years - both physical and mental. But these just enhance my other qualities and make me the individual I am. My writing encompasses all of the above and more.
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4 Responses to An Apology about “No Apologies”

  1. New Journey says:

    I hate that when that happens…kat


  2. leggypeggy says:

    I’ve done a couple of mistake publishes. Super annoying, but this is cyberspace. Anyone who really knows me will forgive me, and anyone who doesn’t can forgive or forget. Or both.


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