Tooth Trouble Update!

happy-smileI saw my dentist yesterday. He has been a friend a lot longer than he has been my dentist and so he knows about my chronic conditions.

That makes it easier from the start. The assistant had a roll pillow ready for my neck and when I asked for something for under my leg she was right back with another one. Before we started the dentist and I caught up on some news about people we both know.

Then it was time to get to the business at hand. I showed him the piece of tooth that came off and mentioned that I have no idea what happened to the other side as it was just gone one day. The problem is that it broke all the way under the gum which makes fitting a crown next to impossible. The tooth could be pulled because the one it touches on the bottom has been gone for years. That also makes pulling a problem because the bottom teeth have already moved inward and if the top do the same my bite is way off.

So, he made a temporary filling around the tooth to smooth the edges. Now, at least my tongue won’t get scratched up. Next, I will go in for a long overdue cleaning and checkup so he can assess the rest of my teeth and make a decision as a whole.

That was all for this trip. He doesn’t like to keep me in the chair for long for my pain issues. Oh, and he also had two other emergencies come in as well!

And I have to give big thanks to Kay. She had a busy morning; however, she offered to come with me for the ride. She knows I am a little nervous about dentists (even though I really like mine as a person LOL) and about driving outside our neighbourhood. Not only that, she had one of her friends I know from her church pray over the phone that it would all go smoothly…and Praise the Lord it did!




5 Replies to “Tooth Trouble Update!”

  1. Hey gurl!!
    Glad to hear that you got it fixed.. Hope that you start to feel a lil better with that end of your health…Nothing like a toothache and a headache grrrr………
    Dealing with teeth pain as I type this…
    How is today treating you..besides these teeth of yours??


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