Reblog – Fentanyl – My Experience 

This is a story that everyone needs to read.


A Scottish Journey with Chronic pain

At my usual monthly GP visit, trying to work out if any medications would help my pain, my GP suggested Fentanyl patches. He seemed confident that these might help with the pain, but then looking back, he seemed confident with every new medication he gave me, and they didn’t work!? Anyway, he told me “these are on the same level as Heroin” – WTF – serious stuff then!

The form I received was in patch form, and you stick it to your arm. You can’t stick it in the same place twice due to it possibly affecting/burning your skin, so cautiously I remember trying to make sure I didn’t do this!

I felt ok initially, but then like the preverbial bus hit, I was floored. I felt like I was off my face. I was so woozy, wobbly and nauseous, but determined to give them a good run, I kept…

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