Butterfly, My Butterfly (Repost)

I decided I needed to repost this as a reminder to myself more than anything. My Coach sent me the quote in a different meme that had a woman with wings.

With my asthma attack, a resurgence of my bingeing disorder and chocolate addiction, I have been really struggling so I needed the reminder!

Thanks, Coach!


Being Lydia!

I have always marveled at the process from which the lowly little caterpillar turns into the beautiful butterfly.

I won’t go into the graphic details, but it isn’t easy. The caterpillar spends most of its time eating leaves and molting until it just can’t eat any more.  Then it hangs upside down and builds a cocoon, or chrysalis, around itself.  While in the cocoon it transforms into wings, legs, antennae and body until it is ready to be set free.  Even that process is not an easy one as it has to push its way out of the silky yet strong cocoon.  But all of this effort is worth it as one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth emerges to fly to freedom.

My counselor recently told me that my affinity for butterflies was very fitting as I started out with very low self-esteem and fought my way through…

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