Reblog – Dear Blahpolar…In Memory Of

I, too, missed suicide awareness day. And, I too, miss Blahpolar. This is a very nice tribute to a warrior who was lost to the battle way too soon.


Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

I could prattle on about my baggage but…That’s for another day.

This post is not about me, even if it does revolve around the bipolar/depression theme.

Around a year ago, our wordpress tribe lost the person who was essentially, our ‘leader’. And not in an alien “Take me to your leader” way. She really was the heart and soul that brought us all together.

Ulla, AKA Blahpolar bravely and relentlessly fought the battle against bipolar and depression but alas, even after subjecting herself to shock treatments…she took her own life to escape the torment.

Most of us in this wordpress mental health tribe were devastated by the loss. Blah was smart and funny and kind and compassionate and she had so much good going on, it should have been enough to drown out the misery brought by bipolar depression.

We are only human and she hit her wall. There is…

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Reblog – Thank You, Chester.

A heartfelt goodbye to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, someone who not known personally, made a big difference in Zebra Mom’s life at a time when she really needed it.

I also said goodbye this week to a musician made their mark on my life, Kenny Shields of the Canadian rock group Streetheart. They were part of the Regina bar scene when I was in university and one of their members was a classmate of mine. They agreed to play at our residence Christmas party which gave me a bunch of brownie points! But it was much more than that. It made them approachable and just like the rest of us.

Much like Chester did for Zebra Mom.

RIP Chester and Kenny.


The Zebra Mom

This week has been really tough for me.

On Thursday night I heard the news and broke down. A friend or a family member didn’t die. One of my saviours did.

Many moons ago, I was an angry teenager. I was angry at myself and at the world. As an adopted person, you ask so many questions. Why me? Why wasn’t I good enough to keep? In addition to the pain of abandonment, I always felt different. Something was never quite right. I couldn’t do things other people could. My frustrations came out as anger.

I felt alone and out of place, no matter who I was with.

At 16 I was on a path of self destruction, everyone was out to get me, or so I believed. The world was a crappy place and I was just surviving in it. I felt no one really cared and ignored the…

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