Strange Obsessions – by Brighton Bipolar

I totally relate to this post . I don’t obsess so much about numbers, but things need to be done a certain way or need to be in a certain order/place. I agree that it can be far worse than some of the symptoms of bipolar! There doesn’t seem to be a cure or band-aid for OCD. I sure wish someone would find one in my life-time!


9 Replies to “Strange Obsessions – by Brighton Bipolar”

  1. I can handle things out of order for a while but it will bug me. I like things centered and put where they should be. I like clean and though I like things like even numbers it won’t drive me to distraction.

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  2. I have a few things like that-not so much numbers but with order or the appearance A closet can be messy but if things are off the floor and the doors are shut, I am satisfied. If the clutter crowds me and can’t be contained behind a door or in a drawer, I am climbing the walls. My dad, my hubby, they are the numbers folks. Fascinating to think on these different issues. 🙂

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