Product Review – “Zero To Hero” Fitness Program

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

When I was first introduced to the “Zero To Hero” program I was admittedly going through some tough times. We had just moved to our new home which came with a lot of changes in itself. We lost our beloved mutt, Violet; I had a cancer scare of my own as well as hernia surgery two weeks before moving day; Hubby had to adjust to day shifts after more than four years of afternoons; I was struggling with some depression.

Now, it may seem strange that I talk about my life before introducing the product/service I am reviewing; however, in this case, it will make sense quite quickly.

“Zero To Hero” is, on the surface a fitness program targeted at people with various chronic conditions from pain to physical illness. When you look deeper it is an experience that goes way beyond a few exercises and you do yourself and the program a disservice to not take in the whole package. I almost made that mistake, which is why I described what was going on in my life first. I thought it was the reason I couldn’t give this my full attention; however, it was why I couldn’t afford not to.

At the center of “Zero To Hero” and the reason for its success is Megan Densmore. Megan founded the program and technically IS the program. She developed the exercise routines that form the framework but it is what she does beyond this that really makes it work.

The program is one year (I got a six-month trial) and has four exercise modules. The videos are all online so you can access them anytime from anywhere. There are three stretching routines which you alternate with low-impact aerobics and rest days. Once a week you have a progress report to complete so Megan knows where you are at and if you need any extra help.

I got hung up with my life and the fact that I couldn’t get down onto the floor or up on my knees to do many of the stretches. I made the mistake of letting this overwhelm me instead of doing what really is the heart of the program…letting Megan know. Once I did she made a couple of extra videos which were added to the private FB group so everyone could see. These addressed my problems physically; however, what they really did was address the main problem – feeling like I was on my own.

Megan describes herself as a Freedom Coach which, she says “I made up!” However, it is a valid description. She was a dancer and competitive athlete until she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a teen. She was determined to get her life back and developed this program to help others regain theirs. She has been a Pilates Coach and brings that base into her exercise program.

Besides the exercises, Zero to Hero consists of a private Facebook group, weekly live videos within that group, and email access to Megan. She is there for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

If I was to find anything negative to say about the program, it would be that there is so much freedom it is easy to stray from it when you are down. I don’t mean to say that Megan should be hounding everyone that doesn’t report in, but I have seen in other online programs weekly automated emails that show your progress or lack of it as a reminder. But really, that is the only thing I can think of.

Check out Megan’s website for more information.





5 Replies to “Product Review – “Zero To Hero” Fitness Program”

      1. When people don’t tell about their prices, it is often a part of their marketing strategy, but this is doing one thing for me, that I’m not interested any longer, when the prices need to be hided.
        It is the same to pass a shop for fx clothe and see, they have no prices at the clothe in the windows, then I just walk away.

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