Sometimes it is someone else’s voice wanting to be heard…

This is the best description of the Pain I experience that I have ever come across. I encourage anyone I know or anyone that knows someone battling chronic pain to read it.


I’m still breathing. I can hear myself breathing. I hold my breath for 5 seconds, take stock for that moment.  It’s there.  Still.  I think my breathing, or my attention to my breathing woke it from its slumber.  For a few seconds I couldn’t hear it. I thought I would have a better start to the day but no, not today.  Every waking moment is dealing with Pain who is an unforgiving piece of scum.  Even my dreams are taken from me, harshly and without apology.  It’s stark reminder that I am not me any more.  I mourn for the me that was happy, carefree and nice.  The me that could take on the world and win. Now I am losing every battle.  I have no pride, no humanity, no patience and no life.  I have only Pain.

Let me introduce you to Pain.  Pain this is Reader, Reader this…

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