My Thursday

Last night I had to fast for 12 hours for some blood tests this morning.  I have no problems going without food; however, I was not able to take any medications for either my pain or my cold because of the nature of some of the tests.  I have been wanting this work to be done for awhile, so I am not complaining.

It was just a really difficult night as I was coughing which added more pain.  Then I remembered Kay mentioning earlier if “my mask” would help.  At first I was very confused – mask?  Then she said, “you know, the thing that gives you steroids and stuff.” Then I got it – my nebulizer!  We had got it for my father’s COPD and when I went to the ER regarding an asthma attack and that is how they treated it, I asked if that would be beneficial at home!  I don’t use the steroid nebules (or inhalers for that matter) anymore because we found out at another ER visit that the steroids were elevating my anxiety and I was getting panic attacks, which caused me to hyperventilate and…round and round we go!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  I used the nebulizer twice in the night when I woke up coughing and it helped both the cough and the shortness of breath.  I’ve got to give that woman a hug next time I see her, which will probably be tomorrow when she and the little guy come to visit!

However, by the time 10 am came around and I could go get the tests, I was in horrible pain, very sniffly because of no cold pills and antihistamines and in general feeling miserable.  As soon as I got home I took the strongest pain med I had on hand and all the rest of my medications, with some light food.

This gave me enough energy to feed the dog and cat, make hubby’s sandwiches for work and make tuna melts for lunch!  After eating two small open faced sandwiches and a chai tea, I was finally starting to feel human.  The pain is about where it was last night which is not bad considering the day I have had.  And I haven’t even needed a nap yet!

I did my grocery shopping while having another cup of tea, this time peppermint…I do them online when I don’t feel up to driving.  One is an organic delivery service which we get most of our produce and fresh food items from.  Our supermarket just started to offer online shopping that you can either have delivery or pick it up.  For $7.95, I will have it delivered thank you very much. I love shopping in the stores, but this allows me to feel I am doing the shopping and save my energies.

Next on my list is to renew my handicapped parking pass before the end of the month, and make dentist appointments.

Why am I babbling on to you about my borderline boring day?  It might partly be the morphine and partly to show myself that I am not totally dependent on others to do things for me – that I can contribute to our family within my different abilities and feel good about it.

Now, if I can just learn to put my own socks on.  Actually it is just the left one! 😀

5 Replies to “My Thursday”

  1. Ya, those socks can be something, that’s for sure. Thank you for writing all your truth, not just the good, better, best days that most of want the world to know about. There is no pity party here, simply truth. The truth of your reality and how you manage it. I have prayed Angels to surround you. I enjoy this blog so much.

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  2. I can feel,this one Lydia, Did my blood tests last week Have to wait until Monday, to talk to Dr. about contra indicated drugs they have me on! Left socks suck for me I have to pull my whole left leg up onto my right. My left hip hates me, but not a lot of choices!

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    1. I hear you, Pastor, about the left hip thing. Mine has been slightly out for 20 years as they were unable to put it back in place by an 1/8th of an inch. Now the left knee is giving in to the arthritis and carrying the weight for the right knee and left hip. Let’s put it this way, my body goes out more than I do these days! LOL


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