10 – Line Poem Challenge

Yesterday was a pretty rough day (but that is for another post).  It was brightened when I read a post by my friend Moongazer at Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain on the 10-line Poem Challenge.  Her poem made me smile (as anything about cats will) and I told her she inspired me to start writing poetry again.  So, she challenged me to give this a try.

Love Is A Four – Word Sentence

Love is a rainbow

Love is a tear

Love is not cloudy

Love is not fear

Love will embrace you

Love will be kind

Love won’t confine you

Love will not bind

Love is a friendship

And Love will not…

I must admit that felt good. And now, let me challenge a few others to give this a try.  I guarantee it will put a smile on your face and in your heart!

  1. Ashkaay
  2. Logicman
  3. The Persistent Platypus

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