Foodie Friday – Chicken Corn Chowder

ChowderI am in the middle of getting ready for a wedding cake tasting on Sunday so haven’t had much time to prepare anything for today. So, I am going to talk about a dish I made a few weeks ago for Lydia’s Kitchen and never got to posting.

One of the favourite things I like to make is soup. It is a good thing, because, with hubby’s and my food limitations, the processed soups are a total no-go. Besides, homemade soup is not difficult and so much better.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to come up with something for lunch. Neither of us was feeling great and there were some leftovers that needed using. So, I came up with a chicken corn chowder that turned out pretty good.

I sauteed some chopped up bacon, onion and garlic in a saucepan and drained the fat. I deglazed the pot (cleaned off the stuck bits) with some chicken broth. I then added some diced peeled potatoes, frozen corn and let this simmer until the potatoes became very soft and thick. I then added coconut milk, cooked diced chicken, cooked chopped potato (skin on), frozen peas, salt, pepper, a dash of curry powder (to taste) and let this simmer until hot and the flavours blended.

That’s pretty much it. It is hearty, gluten/dairy free and delicious!

Be sure to stop by my kitchen next Friday. Who knows what I will be cooking up next.


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