The Cracked Tooth as a Metaphor

toothcrownI don’t have the best teeth in the world.

I have genetics to thank for this along with eight years of “railroad tracks”, the original cemented on braces that were as hard on teeth as they were productive in straightening them. Add to this depression, fatigue and chronic pain which all make personal hygiene a chore and you have a haven for cavities and heavier than normal wear and tear.

Half the teeth in my mouth have root canals, and only a handful of these have crowns. Lately, I have had not one, but two of those without crowns literally crumble as I eat. Tomorrow I make my second trip to the dentist to figure out what to do. There is no pain involved; however, having pieces of tooth come off when you are drinking a smoothie is no picnic!

So, what is the metaphor here?

A tooth crumbles from lack of attention. If you don’t brush properly, grind your teeth but don’t wear your night guard, or eat the wrong foods, your teeth will weaken and fall apart.

I was trying to explain to my hubby last night why I really need to work on my new partnership. He said we are doing well financially and that I barely have enough energy to look after the household and our family. I didn’t have the words to express my need until I was laying in bed last night worrying about my tooth.

I need to take care of my mental health like I do my dental health. If I brush, floss and generally look after my teeth, they stay healthy, and I can bite into almost anything without losing a chunk of tooth. If I keep my mind busy and not dwelling on my health problems, I can do more physically. And keeping more active means I feel better.

My mother used to say “there is no point shutting the barn door after the horse gets out.” This is partly true; however, I believe that now I am taking better care of my teeth it will hopefully save the others. And starting to work now will be hard at first but eventually will improve my overall health and stamina.

Blogging has already improved my mental health. I love writing, reading others’ posts, and am learning so much from both. So, as I get my tooth fixed and work on the new website, “life can be a dream, sweetheart.”



16 Replies to “The Cracked Tooth as a Metaphor”

  1. This is such an awesome, thought-provoking metaphor, and it’s definitely true that if we do not work on something, it will deteriorate.
    Wishing you the best with your teeth & your business,

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  2. Oh I won’t mention teeth a lil pain now ..due to same reason genes and since then my illnesses thanks to them have played havoc on them and no insurance and have to see a specialist and of course money..But I have a plan in sight ; )
    I agree and on the same path as you young lady.. I am learning as well to take care of oneself since if you are down then the whole team seems to start going down (in some cases) I am learning like I said to take care of myself better to learn more about my health to be more proactive as well …YES this site here at WP you know blogging lol yes it has helped me too gurl and reading all the different blogs out there I really enjoy everything about blogging and meeting you…
    Glad your getting your tooth fixed I always say nothing worse than a headache or toothache uggg…
    as always I love reading your bog and can;t wait to look into the new one…


    1. Thanks, Suzette! I am sorry you have to go through tooth problems as well. I saw my dentist today and it is actually going to be a long process but once all the work is done I will be good to go! I am going to write about it tonight or tomorrow. Take care, Lydia!

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  3. I have bipolar disorder, side effects prediabetic (from clozaril) and tardive dyskinesia. I have terrible teeth. Because I come from a wealthy background and my father values a fresh and vibrant smile, he’s helped me keep my teeth and get two implants. Still the plan is taking forever. The restorization has been going on for six months. #chronicillnesswriter

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