Blogmas 2016 – Do Unto Others

Day 20


It is only five more days before Christmas day.

This can mean so many different things for different people.

  • Some are traveling home to be with family
  • Others are traveling away from family to a destination resort or a skiing trip
  • Those who are buying gifts are either breathing a sigh of relief as they wrap up all their treasures; while others are still shopping or haven’t even begun yet
  • Meal plans are being finalized and shopped for
  • Christmas movies are being recorded and watched
  • Christmas music is all over the radio, stored, malls wherever you are!
  • Christmas parties are happening all over!

But what about the people who won’t be celebrating this year (not including those with different faiths and cultures)

  • There are the families who recently lost a loved one to illness, an accident or other reasons
  • The critically or terminally ill and their families
  • People who are shut-ins, whether of their own choosing or circumstance
  • estranged and/or divorced parents who don’t get to see their kids for Christmas
  • People who live a distance from home and can not be there this year

The lists could go on; however, that gives us a good idea of just how many people may be missing out this year. If you know of someone in any of the bottom categories, why not try to do some little thing to make their season brighter this year. I guarantee it will brighten your holiday ten-fold!



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