Pounding Out Anxiety!

2246370Our New Year’s Eve dinner with friends is ON! Devan is not feeling the greatest but wants us to come anyway. She may go and lay down, but that’s an understanding that we have – we adjust to our challenges.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, have not been eating much other than smoothies, salad and a couple of sandwiches the last two days and today hasn’t started much better that way. Plus, I am having a lot of pain in my legs, arms, and head. This has caused some anxiety (not to mention the kids who live upstairs are once again jumping on the floor which translates into pain for me) and gets on my last nerve.

I found a wonderful natural antidote for anxiety…pounding out meat for the rouladen I am making to take for dinner. I use a small pot and plastic wrap on a large plastic cutting board. We learned in culinary school that a heavy bottomed pot is better than a meat mallet (even using the flat side) because that is small and has very sharp edges. It takes longer and may break the fibers of the meat. Besides, a pot gives you a lot more power and control. I had 17 roulades to make and so there was a lot of pounding going on!

I feel much better for doing it and five other people get the benefit of eating the results!



26 Replies to “Pounding Out Anxiety!”

  1. I’m glad you found a good way to pound out your frustration. I hear boxing works too, but I wouldn’t suggest you try it! The meat doesn’t hit back! Happy New Year to you both! We love you!!

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  2. I married a German and he loves rouladen, so I have been trying multiple recipes….I would love to know what you put in yours and what sort of sauce/gravy do you finish them in…??? I am so excited to have found a rouladen maker….yay


    1. I learned from my MIL. I tried recipes but her way is the best. She gets her meat specially cut by a butcher but I have done it two ways – bought the “rouladen” cuts from the grocery store and pounded them so they are thin and about 8 x 4 inches (sometimes I can cut them in two). Tell you what, I will post the recipe on Friday as I get bake to my “foodie Friday” spot.


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