The Mammogram Saga – Finally Full Circle!

Looking back I found the last entry in this series was in August of last year and was titled “The Mammogram Saga Comes To An End.”

Well, I thought it had but apparently, even when a biopsy is negative for cancer they still repeat tests 6 months later to be sure. So, I had another ultrasound in December and MRI in January. A week ago I had an appointment with the doctor to get the final results.

Everything was fine and I can go back to my annual screening mammograms. However, I will admit that I am not going to be as nonchalant going into them as I used to be. I have just “gone and had it done” for the past 20 years and then waited for the letter to come two weeks later saying all is well and we will see you next year.

This time it was a call two days later wanting me to come in for more tests, then the doctor, then more tests, then a biopsy, the doctor, more tests, and finally yesterday’s very short but very sweet appointment.

From now on I will take that screening test more seriously and just leave the next part for the Lord. With my family history of breast cancer and cancer in general, I feel very blessed to have gone through this and come out the other side.

Having a cancer scare really does change your perspective on life. Many questions went through my head.

  1. What if it is cancer? Am I ready for this?
  2. And after awhile, what if it isn’t cancer? Why have I gone through all of this physical and emotional pain for nothing?
  3. Why me? The better question here would be why not me? It can happen to anyone.
  4. I see all my health challenges as lessons the Lord is teaching me – but what has this taught me? I think patience, perseverance and just leaning on Him when heading into the unknown.

Through all my chronic health problems I have had many tests of all kinds and most of the time the results were negative. Now yes, this is a good thing. However, when you are constantly feeling lousy and doctors don’t find anything wrong, you get to doubting yourself. I found myself often praying that they would find something just to justify my being there. It isn’t a case of wanting something wrong, it is wanting to know what you were feeling is real.

This was not one of those cases. I believed right from the beginning that I did not have cancer and as every test took more and more out of me (because of the strain on my body), I just wanted it all to stop.  When it didn’t, I felt a lot of anxiety; not about the outcome, just the fact it wasn’t over.

But now it is. I go back to my screening mammograms with a whole new respect for the whole process.


I decided to feature Mandisa’s song “Overcomer” as it has become an anthem for cancer survivors. While I don’t have breast cancer this is for everyone who has fought a long hard battle. Broadcaster Robyn Reynolds is featured in the video with footage from her real fight as well as skater Scott Hamilton and others.


8 Replies to “The Mammogram Saga – Finally Full Circle!”

  1. I know that feeling, when I was first having trouble recovering from a car accident, every test they tried, results negative… finally a diagnosis, Fibromyalgia Syndrome. There is relief as well as sheer terror when you get your diagnosis. But at least having a name gave me a starting point… love the song!~kim

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  2. Yes, true. I felt this way when they wanted to repeat my biopsy. I thought that there was something wrong with me. I thought it was cancer. My mom said “Baby, there’s a lot of things between an abnormal mammogram and cancer.” Happy to know you’re good.

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