A Tale of Two Brothers

I have read a lot lately in other blogs about finding the positives to offset the negatives in our lives and I have needed it as well. Yesterday I talked about my beautiful rhododendron bush and today it is about a family that helps me keep the faith.

I have talked a lot about the fact that while I don’t have any children of my own, God has provided me with a bounty of His kids to look after, mentor or just have the privilege to know.

Two of these kids belong to a very dear friend of mine. I started as her Nanny when her oldest son was 6 months old. Much to his chagrin, I remind him every birthday that I have known him for that many years minus 6 months! Secretly I know he finds it funny but he has to play the tough guy, specially now that he is almost 20. Oh my, I can’t believe that the little guy I used to take care of is almost 20 years old!

His brother will turn 18 a month and a bit later. I met him when he was barely a day old and he and I have been buddies ever since. He is the more laid back and affectionate one, meaning I can still get a hug in public, even though he towers over me! He is graduating this year and, as I did for his brother, I have the privilege of making a video of pictures and music for a special grad banquet our church puts on every year.

For the entire time that we have attended the same church, everyone has known the close relationship I have with this family. If at an event their Mom was not available and they were acting up or needing something, someone would say “get Lydia” and I would handle the situation.

I think the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me was when my friend told me that “my boys treat you just like they do me. They are themselves with you – any other babysitter they are on their best behaviour”. It was a compliment because it is the closest thing to being a real mother that I will ever experience.

I have felt very honoured to watch these two young men grow up. I now have Kay’s little ones in my life but that is closer to being a grandma or an auntie than a mother.

The younger brother stopped by to drop off some pictures on the weekend and to show off his new car. Hubby and I oohed and aahed over his Subaru and he took great pride in showing hubby all the features. We chatted for awhile and he didn’t look like he was uncomfortable or wanted to leave. It was a great visit as I don’t get to see much of them lately.

I can’t wait until the banquet to see this young man all dressed up and ready to go onto the next phase of his life. He, like me, has had a lot of challenges in his life; however, he has learned to face them with dignity, faith and courage. I am so very proud of him and his brother.


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