Mixed Emotions

weddingToday, March 23rd would be my Mother’s 91st birthday, and March 11th marked 21 years since she passed away. March 2nd was the 4th anniversary of my Dad’s passing.

I wrote this post last year on this day. You don’t have to go back and read it, but I add the link here for reference.

I have said before, and always will, that I loved my parents even though they made that very difficult to do at times. I feel I have come a long (positive) way since becoming an adult orphan; however, that isn’t to say that they didn’t have a positive influence on my life.

So, Mom, I wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope you are celebrating with Dad and the angels. You would be very proud of how I have turned out – rising above my mental illness and dealing as well as I can with chronic pain.



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