The Visitor

le-03282016-squirrel-4This morning, as I was waiting for the delivery guy to come down the path with my groceries, I saw through the glass of the screen door that I had a visitor.

It was a squirrel and he was looking up at me as if to say “could I have some peanuts please?” What was truly funny about that is we did feed the squirrels at our old house and they would come up to the back door wanting more. But where we are now, we are not allowed to feed the birds, squirrels, feral cats, anything so I haven’t. We have a dog and a cat so I don’t want to tease them either.

Because the delivery truck was there, Hubby had Monkey and Violet in the bedroom so I could just watch this little guy. He seemed a little nervous, but not enough to scare him away. He jumped up on the planter just behind the door and sat there for several minutes before getting down again and getting up on his hind legs in that “begging” pose squirrels are so good at.

Then, the dolly of food boxes was on its way down the path so my little visitor ran into the bush that runs along the public path beside our place. The driver said he stopped for a minute or two to watch the little guy.

I don’t like to get up close and personal with squirrels; however, watching them and “talking” with them is okay through a door! 😉 He actually made my morning a little brighter.

Just another of God’s signs that everything is going to be okay!



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