Becoming a Social Butterfly!

Featured Image -- 3379I have often mentioned my connection with the butterfly – going from an ugly caterpillar to hiding in a cocoon, to battling my way out and turning into a beautiful butterfly! Oh, and you might have noticed a butterfly or two hanging out in my header LOL

Well, this butterfly is finally learning how to spread my wings without hurting more than I do regularly.

I recently talked about my school reunion and how glad I was to have gone. I am in touch with people I haven’t seen in decades (literally) and I proved that if I prepare properly, I can do social events. I rested all day until we had to get ready to go. And I recognized when I had enough energy left for the 40-minute drive home (yes, as others with pain and fatigue challenges will agree, travel takes energy because of bumps, sitting in the same position, etc.). The next day, I also rested and did take a short walk with Violet to stretch things out.

So, Hubby mentioned the other day that a co-worker who just retired has invited us for dinner a week from tomorrow. It is a good hour’s drive away so Hubby said it was up to me if I could handle that, socializing with people I don’t know (I do know one person who will be there), stay for awhile and then have the ride home.

I thought about all aspects of it and decided that I HAVE to do this. I miss my church’s services because they are in the morning which is a bad time for me, and other events because I can’t drive at night and Hubby is working. I need to work out a way that I can attend things even if it means totally resting before and after.

Hubby goes to his brother’s on Saturdays and I had the great idea to go with him and either stay at their parent’s place or my BIL’s house while they put the finishing touches on the Halloween display they are working on. I am family so none of them would mind if I just flopped on the couch and read or even took a nap. Then, we would only have half the distance left to travel for dinner. I think it could work well that way.

So, now I only have to decide what to wear!



12 Replies to “Becoming a Social Butterfly!”

    1. Thanks, I really am doing it for Tony – these are his work friends and he misses out on stuff because of me. Oh, we are also going to see Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant’s Christmas concert in November. Can’t wait for that one!

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