Massive Moving Mayhem

Daily Prompt – Massive

ForSaleMay I first say “I hate Thursdays”. I know it is supposed to be Monday but I happen to like Mondays. Thursdays are becoming a massive pain…and I have enough pain in my life already.

I have already talked about last Thursday – all the build-up to a surgery that was canceled just as I got to the hospital. All the prep involved that took so much out of me, for not.

Well, we are preparing our townhouse for sale. We have wanted to sell and have had help from friends to pack up things and get rid of clutter (caused by a lack of storage space and a lack of energy on the parts of my husband and me). We actually had someone seek us out, a friend of a neighbor, with interest in purchasing our place.

He asked for our realtor, who happens to be another friend and neighbor. This is after his friend brought him around to look at the place to see how different it was from theirs.

That was last week.

We have been holding off on listing due to a huge water leak mysteriously in the entrance to our ensuite. I mentioned this in the post about the surgery. On the same Thursday that I didn’t go to surgery, the handyman came and ripped out parts of the drywall.

Within a day, Hubby and I were both getting nauseated, I was having breathing problems and we were just feeling worse than normal. MOLD!!!! It was coming through the holes in the drywall. I put vinegar bowls all over the house and they have helped, as did cranking the air purifiers up to high and leaving windows cracked open. Hubby also covered the holes with plastic which helped a little but not completely.

Well, our realtor told us yesterday that the prospective buyer wanted to come by today (Thursday), to have a more detailed look at the place. He did know about the leak but is satisfied that it is being taken care of by management.

But I was nowhere near ready to show this place. I was feeling lousy last night but pushed myself into a faux manic mode so I could get something accomplished. I did! I got kitchen counters cleaned off of everything except essentials. I tidied up and dusted the living room. I took apart the spare bed which is actually a folding metal frame with a mattress and foam on top. The mattress is old with broken coils so we were planning to get rid of it anyway.

I also got the clutter out of the spare room organized. This was no easy task. We are planning to put my desk in there so the office isn’t so crowded. But we couldn’t take the mattress out last night as it was raining and so it remains against a wall in the room. The same goes for the foam. And that means the desk is still in the office.

Today, I was pushing myself again to just keep the kitchen tidy, touch up the bathrooms and do whatever I could.  Like with the surgery, I was going way beyond my limits but figured once the showing was over, hopefully, there would be the happy ending of an offer. We like this guy and want him to get it.

Well, the realtor comes over about 10 minutes late to say that the gentleman would not be coming. There was a death in the family yesterday and he will be gone for a month.

…There’s that gut punch again.

So, now, we need to get the place spruced up enough for showings which could happen sometime next week. This is totally not the way we were planning to go. We wanted to deal with this person as they wanted to deal with us. At least we think so.

On the good side, I know I can push myself without going into a full manic mode like I used to. I can also push myself and while my pain levels are high, I am not totally down for the count.

Oh, yeah, the last bit of Thursday fun. We contacted our insurance company because if this is going to go on much longer we are going to have to move out of here. All the costs of the repair are being covered by the management company. However, because they don’t know the cause at this time, the insurance company can’t honor any expenses. Even though it is damaging to my asthma and mold allergy and my husband’s allergies, they will not do anything until a solution is found. Then they will come in and inspect it themselves. Huh?

Well, the really positive thing about Thursday is it is followed by Friday!

We are leaving the leak, the sale and the readiness of our home to God’s great plan for us. After all, “You Gotta Have Faith”.



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