As Luck Wouldn’t Have It!

Daily Prompt – Luck


First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I am not one who believes in luck – I go by faith. I find it is a much better choice because Lady Luck can be fickle but God is always in control!

When I was growing up I often heard “If it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any.” It wasn’t always directed at me, but it was often enough. I liken it to  “If you hear/say something often enough you start believing it.” I heard it and believed it.

But with everything, it is always up for interpretation. The truth is, those words really mean nothing if you don’t believe in luck in the first place. Once I started on my journey of faith I realized that to acknowledge luck made it “bad” because I (personally) didn’t believe it existed.

I am not putting down luck or fate – I know lots of people believe. I used to be one of them! However, I have found it so much easier now to follow God’s leading in all things. For me, there is just such a comfort in knowing Someone has you covered in the big and the small. I am not always happy with the way my life is going; however, I know that He has a reason for everything and eventually I see the good He intended it for.

And truth be told, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, is one of my favorites! My Mom’s Mom had an Irish heritage and while it is just a wee speck of mine, I cherish it. I gave Mom a little plastic happy face shamrock pin when I was quite young. She wore it every year and when she passed I got the pin and wore it until it was misplaced a few years ago. I was quite sad to lose it. It wasn’t worth much, but it was priceless for how it made her happy…and anyone who saw it!

I have been known for my corned beef and cabbage one pot meals. I actually made one a few weeks ago. However, the previously moderately priced pre-corned beef was not only outrageously expensive, it cooked up into a fraction of its original size, was very chewy, and not flavorful.

What I wouldn’t do for my Mom’s homemade corned beef. She started with the brine in a crock in our basement. It was covered with a plate and a big rock that kept the meat submerged in the liquid. Now, that would be frowned upon because it is raw meat in a damp basement, covered with a rock that can come in contact with the liquid the meat is sitting in! She made her mincemeat in the same way – only it was a different crock and instead of a vinegar brine, she used brandy.

We never got sick! Hmmm, maybe that was luck!



4 Replies to “As Luck Wouldn’t Have It!”

  1. Maybe the vinegar and brandy had germ-killing qualities? 😉
    Happy St Patrick’s day to you too—I’ve always had a fondness for Ireland/Irish people—one of my favorite teachers was part Irish, and I like the music and the pictures of the greenery. When I was little I thought I’d like to go there one day. Maybe I will, who knows? If God wills~

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