The Eiffel Tower


When we were house-hunting back in April, we noticed a fun fact. Several of the places had large murals of the Eiffel Tower on the wall. Others had smaller pictures of the French icon.

We were laughing with the realtors that it must be a custom in our new city so we should be on the lookout for our own picture.

Well, that was April and this is June and it had totally left my mind with the other million things going on. That is until Saturday when we went to a Jysk store to pick up black-out curtains for the bedroom and a pantry which was supposedly in stock but wasn’t.

We had brought Violet along because she was getting her weekly injection from the Vet to help with her arthritis pain. We don’t like leaving her alone for long so once we had the curtains and knew we weren’t getting the cupboard Hubby went back to the van and I stood in line to pay. They have all sorts of wonderful things as you stand there. On the side I was on were rows of different prints in different sizes and different prices.

I looked up slightly and there it was – a black and white shot of the Eiffel Tower with a bright red car in front! And it was only $20.00! I couldn’t pass it up even though I knew Hubby would shake his head. We are trying to keep costs down as the move was more expensive than we had counted on. But I could tell he liked it.

A couple of days later I told him I had found the perfect place for my latest find…it is just the right size to cover the fuse box by the front door and the little red car will brighten up that corner. Well, Hubby gets a smile on his face and says “now it’s a justifiable expense.”




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