On Turning 60

Well, October 4th marked a major milestone in my life. I am now 60 years old.

I remember when I was going through my worst years of mental illness I couldn’t see myself past 40! Then, at 55 I started to dread the years because I was getting “old”.

But age is just a number and I don’t feel “old”. It is actually quite the opposite. Besides the fact that I have a slew of chronic health challenges, I feel like my life is just getting going and I am not going to let a number get in my way of seeing just where it all leads!

On the morning of my birthday, I recorded an interview with Christopher Snider for his podcast “Just Talking“. We talked about my mental health journey and how I have dealt with the stigma that always surrounds it. He asks very open questions and lets you run with your answers. My nervousness went away very quickly and I was just able to talk. I felt very good when we were done. In the past when I have spoken I often walked away wishing I had said this or not said that. This time I just walked away satisfied with how it went. The podcast will be out around Christmas and I will provide the link for it.

A half hour after the podcast was over I had my 3rd coaching call. I had slept through our Tuesday time and felt bad but when we talked she was fine with it and more concerned that I was feeling better. The half-hour went well.

Within 10 minutes of hanging up from that call, my contact from the office called to check in to see how things were going. I told her I had just got off from this weeks call and that things were going well.

I then took Miley out for a half hour run in the park and some of my friends sung happy birthday to me. It is so nice to have a group of friends that you can just relax with. We connect on a facebook group and some of us text each other; however, the relationships are casual and that is sometimes nice.

When I got home there was a message from the Health Coaching office. She had spoken to my participant who seemed to be as happy with the pairing as I am. That really made my day.

When I came home I checked my email and Facebook. I had well over 100 messages wishing me a Happy Birthday. They were from all over the world and from my pain groups, prayer groups, a cooking community, the dog park, our rescue dog group (Miley’s sibling families), friends from school and more. If I ever had a doubt that I wasn’t liked (and I have had many), it was vanquished by each and every message.

I had planned to make a simple gluten-free vanilla cake with fudge frosting but decided I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the day. So, off to DQ for an ice cream cake. Neither Hubby nor I tolerate much dairy, but it was my birthday and I wanted an ice cream cake!

Hubby’s parents and brother came over with Costco pizza and we had a little party.

It was a quiet birthday, but that was what I wanted. Hubby had asked if I wanted a party because it was a milestone birthday and I said no, just family would be nice. I am not big on celebrations as I am no social butterfly…not to mention I tire out easily, especially when there is a lot going on.

So now what?

I will take one day at a time, enjoy my life, and see what the next years have in store. I have lived 20 years longer than I thought I would so maybe I have another 20 or more ahead!




27 Replies to “On Turning 60”

  1. Dear Lydia, I am so sorry I missed you big day! I had a feeling there was something special I should remember, but I couldn’t put my finger on it… I am so happy you had such a nice day, with the people you love! I can’t wait to have the link to that podcast to listen to your interview 🙂 🙂 🙂 *Big hugs and Bday kisses* xx

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  2. HAPPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY, Lydia! It’s wonderful you had so many messages to wish you well for your 60th – here’s to the next happy 20 years! I hope you had a lovely day and I think that celebrating more quietly (I pretty much did nothing for my 30th this year) is par for the course if you tire easily, but knowing you are loved is priceless.
    Caz xx

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  3. Welcome to the 60s! I have been here almost a year, checking it out for you! As I learned from one of my favorite t-shirts, Sixty is only 15 in Scrabble!

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    1. Yes, I love that shirt! My favourite one says “This shirt turns purple when I am in pain” and you can guess what colour it is. Like yours, it is there to bring positivity to something that is so negative. So far sixty is the new 40!


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