Foodie Friday – A Week Of Good Eats!

burgerI finally seem to be getting my energy back after a long winter of pain and fatigue. While I am still up in the middle of the night, I am feeling more rested with whatever sleep I do get.

With these sparks of wellness, I have been able to cook healthy meals, with extra for times when I am down for the count again. This isn’t negative thinking, just reality.

On Mondays Hubby works a day shift, so we have been going to Costco when he gets home. We ate there this week so maybe not the best, but still good food.

On Tuesday I was making up the ground beef I got into hamburger patties, so I grilled a few for lunch/dinner. The rest were IQF’d (individually quick frozen) and bagged. I had my burger without a bun as I just can’t eat that much and it was easier to chew with my chipped teeth.

I saved some of the beef and made meatloaf on Wednesday. It isn’t usually a spring food; however we love it any time of the year, and I can use the leftovers for Hubby’s sandwiches. I served boiled baby potatoes and spaghetti squash with it.

Yesterday I cooked up a couple of the pork chops we got on Monday. They were more like pork steaks! I made a gluten-free gravy with mushrooms and onions, more of the baby potatoes, and cucumber. Hubby had a few tomatoes (I am allergic). I was able to eat the chop by cutting it into tiny pieces and smothering it in the gravy – yum!

Today, we are meeting my in-laws for lunch at our favourite Chinese restaurant. It is approximately halfway between our homes, and the food is excellent. They are leaving on Monday for a week-long Alaskan cruise. Since we don’t see them often enough, meeting for lunch is always nice.

Tomorrow I am trying a new dry rub recipe for chicken. The weather will determine if it gets grilled inside or out! I am hoping for out. Hubby has been known to grill in the rain as the BBQ is partially under the balcony above.

So, there is the run-down of my cooking efforts for the week. With burgers, chops and extra chicken thighs in the freezer, I am good for a while. But here’s hoping I have more good health weeks.

A good week doesn’t mean I have no pain or fatigue; they are just at manageable levels. On top of the cooking, I drove myself to the dentist, did some laundry, tidied up the house a bit, and enjoyed life a little more. 🙂


PS The significance of the phone in the photo is I keep forgetting to take pictures of my own food so I have to use stock photos!

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