I Love My Fur-Kids!


Last night I was up about every two hours, which isn’t unusual, except that this was from coughing more than pain. I would get up and either pour myself a cup of peppermint tea or a shot of my cold medicine, depending on the timing on the latter.

Either way, you need to sit up a bit to get it working. Around 7 am I was sitting in the office with a cup of tea. I was very surprised when I got up to see Violet the Wonder Dog sleeping on her mat in the office. She never goes there alone, especially in the night when she is usually on one of four places in our bedroom (her “couch,” her large square bed, the carpet at the foot of the bed, or on our bed. I chuckled in my head deciding she needed a break from Hubby’s snoring (it’s okay, I fully admit I do too) and my coughing – who could blame her. LOL

Anyway, she came over to me as soon as I sat down and looked up at me as if she was saying “I am sorry, Mom, that you are not feeling well.” Of course, it also could have been “Good, you are up – I would like some food, please,” or even “Oh good, I can go back in the bedroom now and get some peace AND comfort.”

After she had left, Monkey the Brat Cat came in with the speed of a cheetah. She jumped onto Hubby’s chair with enough force to spin it around. I stopped it as I thought she was going to continue across the desk to the window. But she did not. Monkey stayed in the chair (not to sleep as she is known for) flipping around like a fish out of water. I thought she was going to fall off a few times. She had one of her favourite toys and was flipping it up in the air and chasing it on that little space. Then, as quickly as she had arrived, Monkey was gone.

I went to bed shortly after my two darlings left, around 8 am. When I got up next at around 10 am, both were fast asleep. I guess they felt their mission to let me know they care was a success, and they clocked out!

These two are great for body and mind. Sometimes I grumble at them when they are in my way or start whining/meowing for their food or snack way too early. But they can help me forget about the pain or lift my depression. Even if it is just for a split second, the memory can last for hours!



7 Replies to “I Love My Fur-Kids!”

  1. Monkey the Brat Cat. I love it. We have one of each and they are soothing. Fortunately, our cat thinks I am its pillow, so he hops in my lap when I read the paper or watch TV.

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    1. Aww, I had a cat years ago that would do that. Monkey is not a great cuddler but that is probably because she was abandoned at 6 weeks and then in a “cage” at the vet office for another 3. I fell in love the minute I saw her.


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