An Ironic Conundrum

I have been finding all sorts of topics for blog posts these last few days – a lot of them having to do with how I am dealing with my chronic illnesses. The irony comes in because I am too fatigued to write them. The conundrum is, do I force myself to get them down on paper (or screen) risking getting more fatigued, or do I rest and risk losing the ideas!

For now, I think I am going to go with resting and writing a few possible titles so I can remember and maybe I can capture your curiosity!

“I Am Nominating My Hubby For Sainthood!”

“Do You Think I Was Born Yesterday?”

“How Do You Like Your Eggs?”

“The Writer In Me Wants Out”

So, hopefully, those will keep you interested until I get back and I will be visiting your blogs whenever I can!

I miss you all,




14 Replies to “An Ironic Conundrum”

  1. Hey Lydia~ As someone who also deals with a chronic illness, the brain and body can be pretty hard to keep motivated and healthy. When a blog idea pops into my head, I quickly get my cell or computer. I have a file that I jot down my ideas in. That way when my crazy busy daily life grants me a brief respite, I open up that folder as a reminder. I also have to stay fairly regimented with a schedule but know the importance of flexibility when necessary. I am also a sticky note addict(shhh, don’t tell anyone). They help. Wishing you a “I feel good kind of day.” Pepper 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Pepper! I have been tempted to use sticky notes but since the arthritis hit my hands my beautiful handwriting has gone out the window – but I shouldn’t be vain and write them anyway! Thank you for your encouragement!

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    1. My voice has been affected by scar tissue and older voice apps could not understand me properly. I have shied away from them but it is definitely something I need to look into. Even if I just use, as you mention, a voice recorder to get the thoughts down. I was a pretty good dicta typist in my day so I should be able to transcribe when my hands can type. Thanks for the suggestion!


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