The Best Medicine

I haven’t seen my friend, Dee, for a few months as she was busy and/or I wasn’t well enough to meet up. Since the physical distance between us increased when we moved several years ago and I don’t get to church very often, we try to make sure we get in our “tea dates”. These usually happen at a quaint little tea house or Tim Horton’s.

We were finally on for yesterday afternoon. Dee was going to pick me up and we would probably go to the Tim’s near me. She texted me; however, I had forgotten to take my phone with me to the kitchen so didn’t hear it. When she arrived she asked if I would like to go back to her house and sit on the patio as it was such a nice  day. I was really thrilled at that idea. It can be noisy and busy at a coffee shop and here we were able to sit and get caught up in a relaxed and quiet setting.

We talked about everything we could think of. With my fibro-fogged brain, I don’t remember things well anymore so I wrote out a “cheat sheet” of topics I wanted to either ask or tell her. She chuckled at this but understood.

I also got to see her oldest son, who is the reason Dee and I became such good friends. I was his nanny for the first few years of his life and have had a close relationship with ever since. He is not a hugger, and I don’t embarrass him with hugs in public. However, in front of his Mom in the privacy of his home, I want my hug. His Mom urged “Come on, get it over with!” and he actually put some effort into it.

Unfortunately, his younger brother was not off work in time for me to see him. I have seen him more often so this time with his brother was very special (even though it lasted just a few minutes).

After that, it was time for the drive back to my place and Dee and I still found things to talk about. She is very special in my life. While we met in a work scenario with her as my “boss”, it became a friendship and built up from there. We are always checking up on each other, feeling the need to pray or ask for prayer. She can be my conscience if I start taking on too much or the wrong things and is my biggest cheerleader (after hubby, of course). I like to think I am there for her as well. While we may not see each other much and even our emailing is a lot less than a few years ago, we just pick up where we left off.

One very important bond between us is our faith. I started going to her church when the boys were very young. She got me involved in children’s events almost right away and I thrived there. Dee and I have been through a lot together, and the tie binds is our love for the Lord.

A friendship like this doesn’t come along every day. For me, with all my struggles and bad health, it is the best medicine ever!




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  1. In Italy we say: “Who finds a friend finds a treasure.” I think that in this days and age where people don’t communicate face to face with each other anymore good friends are essential for one’s well being.

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