“OCD” – A Spoken Word Poem By Neil Hilborn

In my effort to fight the stigma of chronic illness, I am always looking for examples of how it affects both the person with the illness and those around them.

This poem by Neil Hilborn is the perfect example of this. Without giving too much away, his OCD brings happiness and heartbreak. He is helpless in his actions and feelings. It is based on his own struggles the disorder.

While this is a poem, it is a reality for me and so many others with mental and/or physical challenges. Our actions are our illnesses, not us.

Prepare to be moved.



16 Replies to ““OCD” – A Spoken Word Poem By Neil Hilborn”

    1. I am so glad it did. I have a form of OCD (not to this extent) and anxiety issues – they can be endearing at first and then aggravating. But what people don’t realize is that it is worse for us because we live with it and pay the consequences.


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